Worm gearboxes are distinguished by their enormous durability and versatility. The gearboxes are made of 16CrNi4 steel and are hardened, hardened and ground. The carefully machined gears achieve maximum contact between surfaces. This results in high performance and quiet operation. The worms are made of G-CuSn12 bronze-coated cast iron, G20, to minimize friction and achieve an optimal fit of the drive elements. We offer the highest quality worm gears.

Hulls, Hands, Flanges – for low power units, are made of SG-AISi UnI 7369 aluminium. For high power units, G20 UNI 5007 cast iron is used. Components (bearings, sealants, gaskets, oil), have been selected from among high quality products, so that the user does not encounter any obstacles during use.

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Weight 2 kg