Steel fencing

We offer steel elements for the construction of fences or other structures. Our product range includes both individual components in the form of steel profiles of various shapes, dimensions and cross-sections, as well as ready-made systems for quick installation of fencing. Below you will find more detailed information.


Our products are manufactured on modern technological lines using longitudinal welding which allows achieving high quality of durable shape and carefully made weld. Profiles are manufactured from steel of the DX51, DX52, S220-S350 grade with protective zinc coating Z100-275. We can also offer aluzinc, magnelis and black steel coating on request.

Profiles protected with zinc galvanizing or other above mentioned methods guarantee long durability against corrosion in atmospheric conditions and easy application of anti-corrosive and decorative powder paints.

Profiles are manufactured according to PN-EN. 10219-2 standards. Depending on the client’s preference, we can produce the above profiles from steel with hot-dip galvanizing or protect the profile weld with zinc spraying. The weld of each profile is made along the surface of 20mm. Such a solution gives an advantage over profiles where the weld is made in the middle of the width because you cannot see the weld on either side of the product, not distorting the surface.


Steel profiles are intended for production of modern fences, gates, balustrades, small architecture (garages, bins, structural elements of shelters) and other universal applications.


Nominal length of profile is 6 metres.

In case of bigger orders it is possible to produce batches with lengths from 2.20m to 7.40m.

We offer the following dimensions of rectangular profiles made of 1mm; 1.2mm; 1.25mm thick steel:

  • 80×20
  • 100×20
  • 120×20
  • 140×20
  • 160×20
  • 180×20
  • 190×20
  • 200×20


We also produce profiles for system fencing – a modern and aesthetic set of elements for manual assembly intended for fencing manufacturers. The system facilitates fast and easy assembly of fences in a block-like manner. The assembly of any chosen configuration is self-assembled without the use of a welder.

The system consists of the following elements:

The fence post has on both sides, along its entire length, a channel of 20.3mm wide and 20mm deep for inserting a welded flat horizontal profile into it, facilitating the protection of the horizontal profiles against slipping and pulling out. The posts are manufactured from black or galvanised steel with a thickness of 2.0-3.0 mm.

The fence post is available in widths:

  • 140×120
  • 160×120
  • 180×120
  • 200×120
  • 140×140
  • 160×140
  • 180×140
  • 200×140

The corner post has assembly channels in two planes at an angle of 90⁰ to build a corner fence

Horizontal filler profiles in chosen width and height

Base for mounting the post to the foundation

Screws and bolts assembly kit

Installation manual for easy assembly

The system fencing is protected by an industrial design protection rights. The systems will be ready for sale in the first half of 2022.